Fischer Furs,  known as one of the last specialist Furriers in the world, who have continued for over 111 years to make high end absolute top quality Fur, leather and cloth garments made to order.

We were approached by Fischer Furs to assist them with a redesign of their website to showcase the bespoke, beautiful garments they make.

We did this by first designing a brand new website, with a real luxurious look/feel. We photographed the garments in 360 and each item is available on the website in 360 views.

We also photgraphed the models wearing the garments to have Fischer Furs own unique look and feel, a professional video showcasing the warehouse and store was also done.


Fischer Furs


Michelle MacPherson and Keana Camacho

Website Design:

Keana Camacho, Michelle MacPherson & Brandon Rowe

Website and App Development:

Brandon Rowe and Michelle Macpherson

Brand maintenance and digital:

Keana Camacho and Michelle MacPherson

Videography and photography:

Brandon Rowe and Brian


video work


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